Question & Answer

Iron Age Fort in Leicestershire.

What happens if I don't like your Video or Photographs?

We always listen to what our clients want from their project before we commence shooting and this will significantly reduce this type of a problem, however saying that we will work hard with you the customer to get the drone videos and photographs you want and need for your project. 

Are there times you can't fly a drone?

The answer is yes, there are times when we can fly a drone, these reason are usually that the location is in a area prohibited such as near airports, prisons, government buildings or areas. During our pre-site assessment we will be able to tell you if there is a problem and we will work with you so that we might find a further solution that meets your needs. 


You will need to complete a form and we will then grant you full copyright status on your videos and photographs. 

Registered Charities

At South West Drone Services we strongly believe in charity work and we aim to help those charities with very limited finances. Please call use and I'm sure we can help. 

"There is no such thing as a stupid question?

We are always here to answer your questions, so ask.